Why you’re a better Therapist with Tech

Why you’re a better Therapist with Tech

The most valuable asset for the therapist is TIME. Time is what allows every patient to develop. Time is what it takes for a therapist to guide a patient through their next challenge and towards their goals. Time is the primary form of income for most therapists. Yet time is limited for therapists, it gets swallowed up by so many aspects of therapy, aspects that are critical to the therapy process.

Aside from therapy, our lives are continually getting busier where some of us are struggling to even have time for ourselves.

Getting back what is important to us

If you had to consider the one thing that we’d probably all ask for; it’s more time. It’s our most valuable asset. It’s the one thing we can never get back, we can never increase but we can most certainly look at being better with. It’s the one thing the world is working to save in so many ways – arriving faster, getting things done faster, living longer. What I’ve found most interesting though, is that I think we’ve lost a bit of the meaning of time.

I think we’ve become conditioned to think that when we have more time, we should use it to do more stuff. But, the value of time is not actually time itself, it’s in what we do with that time; the people we see, the relationships we make, the walks we take. As someone that has been involved in tech for over 20yrs, I often get asked, am I scared that the “machines will take over?!” My answer often creates shock. “I’m quite excited about the machines taking over”. I understand my reference & insights are different.

Ultimately, technology should not be used to ensure we work more, do more and become busier. Tech should be used to do more for us, to allow us to BE more.

Therapy is more than the report & sessions
As mentioned earlier, there are aspects of therapy that are critical to the process; Assessment Reports (which can take HOURS), note-taking, therapy progress tracking and sharing feedback with clients and caregivers of patients. All of these cannot be removed, but I would argue that they, themselves, are not therapy but rather the foundation that the therapy is built on. It’s the time, the one on one with your patient, guiding them, watching them grow and progress that makes the real difference. It’s building relationships with the caregivers or parents to ensure therapy is consistent & supported at home. This is what makes a difference.

Tech should allow us to BE more, not DO more
Ultimately, any piece of tech that adds value should be ensuring we have more time to do what’s important to us. It should allow us to have more time for the things that will make the biggest difference, and in therapy, I believe that is time. Time to connect, time to process, time to change more peoples lives, because let’s be honest, no one loves writing a 15-page report.

No matter what tech you choose, ensure that it allows you to be a better therapist by giving you time to invest in the important aspects of therapy.

This is our passion and purpose
When the SpecialT therapy app was built, it was done with the vision to ensure therapists are able to focus on the important aspects of therapy and let the platform do the rest. This continues to be our passion.
The SpecialT platform is not about making therapy ‘techy’, it’s about making therapy more about, exactly that, therapy, and less about all the other stuff that takes our time. It comes from 2 therapists being bold enough to dive into the tech world to identify how an app can achieve this, so you don’t have to.

No one will ever be able to replace the value that a therapist brings to therapy, that’s what makes us beautifully human. But, we can help ensure their valuable time is not being spent doing things that tech could easily do.

We’re on a journey to achieve this. We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline to help you be a better therapist with tech.

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